Receiving Signs, Weird Forewarnings, or Overwhelming Energies?

Discover How You Can Unlock Your Natural Psychic Gifts, Trust Your Intuition, And Tap Into Your True Potential

Without feeling blocked, confused or overwhelmed in the process...


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Just 6 Days to Psychic Success! 
Ready to Accept the Challenge?

The Challenge begins 

August 26, 2019

Doors close August 25 at Midnight


Meet Yaila W. | Spiritual Health Coach

BEFORE: Uncertain about her gifts 

AFTER: Professional healer

Meet Felicia G. | Consultant

BEFORE: Energy overwhelmed 

AFTER: Energy tools to manage her gifts

"Joe is an exceptional teacher and healer. I have taken several of his classes at Intuitive Insights, and also received a comprehensive reading + healing from him.
He seems to have a bottomless toolbox; he always brings some practical technique, helpful analogy, or valuable perspective into his classes and readings to help you process what's ready to be healed."

Meet Kristyn C. | Business Consultant

Meet Allisha T. | Professional Reader

"I have had the privilege to attend a couple of master classes that Joe offered in his group. He has been such a great help to me in my spiritual awakening. He has played a part in helping me me embrace my gifts."

Meet Katy A. | Psychic Medium

BEFORE: Not sure what to do with gifts 

AFTER: Helps others gain clarity & guidance

Meet Antoniella D. | Licensed Therapist

BEFORE: Highly energy sensitive 

AFTER: Integrates tools into her healing practice

Meet Vanessa R. | Professional Sector

Joe, is the best! I have taking several classes that he has taught. All of the classes I have attended have helped in a lot in different areas of my life. Joe is very experienced, knowledgeable, personable. I highly recommend for any of his services that he offers.

Meet Ivan M. | Professional Healer

I took a intuition class with Joe and it helped me reach the next level, I learned a lot of tools that I use in daily life and in my Holistic Healing Center.

Why a 6-Day Breakthrough Challenge?

From the latest feedback I've been receiving from budding psychics like you, you're saying that while you would love to advance in your psychic development, you're worried that you're not quite ready yet.

Look, I totally get it. 

When I was first starting off, I NEEDED answers to what the &%#$ was up with my gifts!

I searched the internet. I bought a bunch of books. And I found a bunch of psychic training schools...

The thing is, while many of these schools appeared to offer awesome training, the truth is, I was INTIMIDATED - even though I knew I NEEDED this kind of training!

- I didn't think I was ready to make that move.

- I didn't feel confident enough to really put myself out there. 

- I was afraid I wasn't good enough because I'd imagined that there were others who were way more "advanced" than I was.

- I didn't quite want to expose myself to the world just yet.

And yet... I just had this STRONG NEED to do something with my gifts! It was like the Universe was saying to me, 

"Hey You! The time is NOW. Take that next step!"


Taking a Chance Towards Something Greater...

When I finally took that chance and showed up to my first training, the first thing I learned was how to manage my own energy.

The truth is, waking up is hard. It's overwhelming. 

And when opening up to this new world of psychic awareness, it's really easy to get overwhelmed by all the energy that comes your way. 

As you may already be experiencing, it all tends to come all at once!

KEY #1: Learning tools to managing your energy is a critical first step.

Once I had that as my foundation, I then learned all about psychic protection.

Again, opening up to greater and greater energies levels opens you up to a whole new world of energies seen and unseen.

It's easy to get inundated with random energies...

KEY #2: Psychic protection helps you to filter out foreign energies so your psychic space stays clear.

And yet another critical step in my awakening was the most important. And that important step was VALIDATION.

What does validation mean?

What it means is that your psychic experiences are REAL. 

It's when a coach or mentor helps you to understand that you indeed are NOT CRAZY.

And from there, you gain a newfound sense of confidence that YOU CAN DO THIS.

I was sooooo very grateful to my teachers who coached and guided me along the way.

KEY #3: Validation helps you feel empowered that you are on the right track.

Seeing signs like 333, 444, 11:11 and wondering, "What does this mean???"

Receiving weird premonitions and wondering, "What do I do next???"

And being overwhelmed with energies from the 'other side' and wondering, "How do I control my abilities?"

Wondering how to trust your abilities or even trust if what you're getting even makes any sense

Thinking that you're the only who might might have these gifts and not sure what to do with them...


Managing your energy rather than having foreign energies managing you

Learning energy tools for psychic protection so you can elevate to greater and greater energy levels

Gaining the VALIDATION you are really seeking so that you can feel more confident and empowered to explore higher levels of psychic awareness you know is just within your grasp...

What Exactly Comes with the 6 Day Unlocking Your 6th Sense Breakthrough Challenge?

Day 1: Learn THE MOST IMPORTANT TOOL for your psychic toolbelt for any kind of energy work. Skip this and risk going back to square one in your development.

Day 2: Learn to fine tune your awareness by learning about 3 distinct types of energies so that energies don't just feel like one 'blob' of overwhelm.

Day 3: Learn about your energy field, a.k.a. your aura. When you clear your aura, you un-cloud your psychic perceptions, enabling you to feel less 'heavy' as a result.

Day 4: Activate your 3rd eye! Learn the keys to unlocking this special energy center no matter what your natural intuitive and psychic gifts are.

Day 5: By this point you are ready to read energy. Anyone can do this - including you. And I will show you exactly how...

Day 6: LIVE practice day! You'll have a chance to "read with me". Watch me in action as I do a live, public reading. Learn by example. And as I read, you can read right along with me!

BONUS TRAINING: Once you get to this point, the obvious next question is "What's Next?" I'll show you exactly what you can do with your gifts. This is especially great for those who want to use your gifts for a greater good or for a higher sense of achievement!

Here's Exactly What You Get When You Sign Up...

6 Days of training videos released each day - watch anywhere and anytime on your own schedule, stepping you up each day of the challenge to greater heights of psychic awareness [$500 Value]

Private membership site - access your content and know exactly where you are at at any point during the challenge [$100 Value] 

Audio downloads - listen on the go and retain access of what you learned... Yours to keep forever [$100 Value]

Printable roadmap - so that you can have a visual and record your progress as you go [$30 Value]

Private student-only group - gain access of a community of like-minded individuals who journey and support you each day of this challenge [$500 Value]

BONUS: Chance for a private one-on-one coaching session - get private help and guidance with your specific challenges [$250 Value]

BONUS: Ascension training  - bonus training day on next steps on EXACTLY where to go next to help take your gifts and abilities to the next level [$150 Value]

Total Value: $1630


$500 $250 $99  

ONLY $37.00

(Sign up now - goes up to $47.00 on August 23rd!)

So What's this 6-Day Unlocking Your 6th Sense Breakthrough Challenge All About?

In a nutshell, I'd like to give you a chance to get what my teachers and mentors gave me!

I know many of you have been on a search. You've been searching for answers on your journey. You're waiting for that chance to feel confident enough to move forward.

With this Breakthrough Challenge, you go from... 

Introducing the next KEY to your psychic success...


Join The "Unlock Your 6th Sense 6-Day Challenge" And Start Building The Foundation for Your Psychic Abilities In Just 6 Days!

Watch: The 3 Secrets to Unlocking Your 6th Sense (Only 7 mins)


The 6-Day Breakthrough Challenge Starts August 26th!