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Why most gifted people almost always doubt their hidden psychic potential until…

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1. How the quest for answers for most awakening psychics begins. (0:00)

2. The #1 limiting belief "newbies" need to overcome..."How do I know I'm just not            ?" (1:09)

3. Why the following statement is just plain wrong...and why you're way closer to a breakthrough than you think: "I'm not psychic enough to do this work." (1:34)

4. Why you don't need to be a so-called "          -           psychic" in order to master your psychic gifts. (2:39)

5. This special ingredient radically speeds up your learning curve so you can gain access to psychic information you only once dreamed of. (3:29)

6. Stop learning through            and            like too many out there are doing to honor your unique journey, gifts and abilities! (4:03)

7. How getting            and            help you move even more powerfully through to the next level of psychic success. (6:03)

8. How to take control of your psychic development and accelerate your awakening to skip the years of trial and error versus attempting to do this alone (6:29)

Take charge of and accelerate your psychic awakening success!

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Meet Yaila W. | Spiritual Health Coach

BEFORE: Uncertain about her gifts 

AFTER: Professional healer

Meet Felicia G. | Consultant

BEFORE: Energy overwhelmed 

AFTER: Energy tools to manage her gifts

"Joe is an exceptional teacher and healer. I have taken several of his classes at Intuitive Insights, and also received a comprehensive reading + healing from him.
He seems to have a bottomless toolbox; he always brings some practical technique, helpful analogy, or valuable perspective into his classes and readings to help you process what's ready to be healed."

Meet Kristyn C. | Business Consultant

Meet Allisha T. | Professional Reader

"I have had the privilege to attend a couple of master classes that Joe offered in his group. He has been such a great help to me in my spiritual awakening. He has played a part in helping me me embrace my gifts."

Meet Katy A. | Psychic Medium

BEFORE: Not sure what to do with gifts 

AFTER: Helps others gain clarity & guidance

Meet Antoniella D. | Licensed Therapist

BEFORE: Highly energy sensitive 

AFTER: Integrates tools into her healing practice

Meet Vanessa R. | Professional Sector

Joe, is the best! I have taking several classes that he has taught. All of the classes I have attended have helped in a lot in different areas of my life. Joe is very experienced, knowledgeable, personable. I highly recommend for any of his services that he offers.

Meet Ivan M. | Professional Healer

I took a intuition class with Joe and it helped me reach the next level, I learned a lot of tools that I use in daily life and in my Holistic Healing Center.

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